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The New Blog Is Live

So it only took forever, I know, but my new website Pink Pumps & Planks is finally up. Sort of. It’s, like, a temporary layout. I really missed blogging and we’ve had some great adventures since we moved to Austin so out of frustration I decided to search for an easy layout to put up. That being said, I still really like it.Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 9.22.10 AMHopefully I will be able to launch the final layout by the beginning of the new year. There is a lot more going into it than I put into any other blog I’ve created: photo shoots, design work, possibly logo creation, etc. I am incorporating the “private” side of my life with the work I do for Elevation Loft (I am a freelance online marketer – btw). I’m very excited by the whole thing.

Another piece to this whole venture is the launch of my boyfriend’s (and “business partner”) personal site: Because he seriously has one of the coolest last names  ever. It is a mix of his music, art, and photography. Now that he’s finished there, he’s helping me to launch Pink Pumps & Planks. And if you’re wondering why I don’t do or something, I already have that. I used it as my never changing resume site. For SEO purposes, of course. I am scattered all over the internetz.

Anyhoo, I’ll stop chatting (er, typing …) now. Get over to my new site! Tell me what you think. :)



Tasty, Tasty Updates

I know I haven’t blogged in forever. Like over a month. Whatevs. That is because I will be moving to Austin with my boyfriend in about two weeks! There is still so much to do so we have been super, ridiculously busy. I’m never doing another cross country move hehe …

Outside of that I am also working on a new blog to replace this one: Pink Pumps & Planks. Yes, very similar to this blog, but I want the name and URL to reflect my writings which are on fitness, fashion, the move to Austin, and living life as a Texan. After being a Pittsburgher. After starting life as a Floridian. Also, it will be a “for real” blog, not a free WordPress hosted one. Though it will still be on WordPress. Dot Org.

We have also been hosting family and going out with friends to say our last goodbyes. David’s family stayed with us over the weekend a few weeks ago and my mom was here for 4 days last week. It was so much fun seeing her and showing her around “the Burgh.” Of course we took her and David’s parents to our most favorite restaurant ever, Meat & Potatoes:

drinks at Meat & Potatoes

Everyone enjoyed themselves on their visits, of course. I mean, Meat and Potatoes is almost perfect. The night we took my Ma there we went to another bar afterward and I  won two tickets to some Wiz Khalifa and Killers show that I wasn’t even aware was happening. No, we did not go.

And we finally got to check out this waffle shop up the street from our place, Waffles INCaffeinated. They’re no Waffle House, but … oh, who am I kidding, it was EFFING DELICIOUS. I got a chocolate chip waffle topped with fresh blueberries and whipped cream. And I used awesomely delicious, house-made maple syrup:



And because I have to mention these, I tried out a new breakfast recipe: Oatmeal Breakfast Cupcakes as dreamed up by Chocolate Covered Katie. I know I’m sharing two breakfast things in a row, but I usually don’t eat breakfast. Ever. Not that I don’t like breakfast foods; I love them! Especially corned beef hash, grits, and eggs (*sings* I’m a little bit country …). I hate getting up early. Earlier than 10AM. So these are perfect because you can pre-make them, freeze them, and take them out as needed. I filled up on about 3 of these lovely treats:

oatmeal cupcakes


I sweetened mine with brown sugar, honey, an over-ripe banana, vanilla extract, and dried cranberries. God, were they good.

So that’s it. That’s all I’ve been up to. Next time you see me update this will have a new name and address and I’ll be living in Texas. Can’t wait!

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60 Day Workout Challenge

Yes, there is another one. This one is much more intense than what I was doing before, and it involves my boyfriend! :D Who may hate me by the end of the week, but we’ll see.

yoga pose

I’m honestly not sure what the above move is called, but it’s one of the videos that I do and it is challenging. It tests your balance and works the triceps and biceps. Fun stuff. Our new routine consists of the following with 2 lb+ weights in each hand (in order, following light stretching):

  1. 10 squats, holding for a 5 count on 10 – 2x
  2. 10 bicep curls
  3. 10 overhead tricep extensions
  4. 10 hammer curls
  5. 10 “push downs” or reverse curls
  6. 10 delt flys
  7. 10 lateral pulls
  8. Plank, 5 count
  9. Plank, right foot up, 5 count
  10. Plank, left foot up, 5 count
  11. Dolphin plank, 3 sets of 5 counts
  12. 10 crunches, hold at 10 for a 5 count – 2x
  13. 20 walking lunges
  14. Start over! Do the whole routine twice.


Starting off pretty light, but I plan on incorporating dips, pushups, more variants of planking, and what Mrs. Trish Stratus calls “yippies” … I don’t honestly know what they’re called, but they work your shoulders and calves and it feels so good. I also want to eventually include variants of crunches, weight curls, walking lunges, and pushups; bicycles (the move, not the physical contraptions); jump and reaches … I don’t know where it actually stops because every time I see a new, challenging move, I want to incorporate it.

If anyone is interested in a great and extremely taxing core workout, check out the following video by, Kathryn Budig, presented by Yoga Journal:

It is quite honestly the hardest workout I have ever attempted – and no, I have not tried Insanity or P90X nor do I want to (they would probably kill me!). But this is no walk in the park. Btw – if you’re looking for new yoga workouts, check out Yoga Journal’s YouTube channel. I love it.

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Photo Session: Yoga Poses!

crow pose (black&white)Ah, yoga. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were visiting his parents up in the mountains of western PA when I decided that I wanted a photo sesh. A yoga photo sesh. To show how I had done after the 30 Day Fitness Challenge, which I totally completed. This was big news to my photographer (slash-cook-slash-programmer-slash-artist-slash-musician) boyfriend as I NEVER want to take pictures. I mean, don’t even pull an iPhone out on me. Unless I’m drunk, and we all know those photos are never nice.

The photos came out quite well, as I knew they would. We really went big for it: an umbrella, reflector, multiple cameras (LOL) – the whole shebang. It was great seeing myself in the poses as I don’t use a studio and rarely have an idea of if I’m doing things right (note: I wasn’t doing a lot of them quite right ;). Oh, and I found a pair of yoga crops!

Calvin Klein Active CaprisCalvin Klein Active Capris that I picked up at Macy’s for $35. Not bad. And they give me great yoga butt, which was one of my main concerns. Seriously.

The crow pose pictured up above is starting from a squat position on the ground. Prior to the 30 day challenge I couldn’t really get my knees above my elbow. I started training based on a YouTube video that I found, which encourages you to use a block until you’re comfortable. Here I am starting from the block:

Crow Pose (yoga block)See the difference? My knees are higher and my arms are a bit straighter. I’ve been practicing since these were taken almost two weeks ago and I’m getting better when starting from the ground. I’ve even moved to trying baby crow and side crow:

side crow poseI’m still working on bringing legs around on this pose, but I am getting there. Outside of the crow poses, there were some dips done (not yoga, but whatever):

dipsAnd a locust (boy, do these hurt more now than when I did them as a child!):

locustThe dog even got in on the fun (haha):

ChaseThat is Chase, David’s parents’ dog, a Brittany Spaniel. He is adorable and crazy. Adorably crazy. And super nosey lol.

I actually enjoyed taking the photos and I plan on doing a few more sessions for other photos for this blog. Like maybe I can actually use my own pink shoes for the header, ya?

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I’m moving to Texas

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX

Austin, Texas. So it’s not like really Texas from what I gather. Thank God. I’ve already lived in one overbearingly conservative and backwards state. I am ridiculously excited about this as I’ve wanted to move to Austin from before I graduated college. Everyone I know who has lived or been there thinks it’s a great place and has super positive things to say about it. Moving away from Pennsylvania came down, actually, to Austin, LA or Nashville (latter two being picks from my boyfriend). Pretty sure I wouldn’t like LA and Nashville sounds boring. In the end, Austin seems as though it will fit both of our wants and needs.

The big move will be coming at the end of September. A 22-hour road trip across this lovely, lovely country. I will be heading through some familiar states (Kentucky and Tennessee) and passing through a state I’ve never had a desire to visit (Arkansas) before we end up in a state I’ve never been in (Texas). All that being said, one of routes mapped out by Google does take you through Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Jackson, Memphis, Little Rock and Dallas … so we may have to make a few stops.

We have an apartment complex that we’ve picked out that will hopefully come through (waiting until Monday to apply). It’s a seemingly decent place in South Austin. Renting from afar is tough work, not to mention nerve-racking. One thing down … a million to go.

Anyway, I will miss parts of Pittsburgh, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to get out. I’ve somewhat adjusted to the cold during the winter over the last two years (though to be fair, my first winter here was extremely mild), but honestly, I hate snow, I hate anything below 70 degrees – and I really don’t like 70 degrees – I hate the potholes and warped roads caused by them freezing over … argh, I should stop. I will definitely miss the cultural scene and the restaurants … won’t miss the weird alcohol laws. Speaking of which, that’s one thing Florida does mostly right, the alcohol laws. Even Texas’ aren’t to my liking. And the car inspections … *sigh* Guess I’ll have to live with that.

I’m so ready to move, to be in a new space, trying out different things. And, most importantly, I’m ready for some barbecue!


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